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Paving Contractors and Bluestone Pavers in Melbourne

Paving is a perfect way of creating a meandering path through your landscape as well as protecting your nicely manicured lawn from heavy foot traffic. Whether you are looking for a classic paving option to complement your landscape or bring your worn-out patio to life with elegant natural stone pavers, Aspire Paving and Tiling can provide the best service at the best price.

A Strong Foundation is Crucial to a Paving that Lasts Long

Our experts will lay down a strong foundation to firmly support your paving surface for decades, while making sure the bigger picture is just as attractive as you want it to be.

We Provide of All Kinds of Stone Paving in Melbourne

Our paving contractors in Melbourne specialize in all kind of stone paving installation and revamps. We can provide various colours and paving styles to match your Pool, Pergolas, sidewalk and alfresco or any outdoor space that requires a quick makeover. Our experts can work with a variety of stones, such as sandstone, bluestone, granite, limestone, travertine and slate stone to name a few. We choose the right techniques and material to create a solid foundation so that the pavers are laid down uniformly and stay in place for years to come.

Bluestone Pavers Melbourne

Bluestone pavers are volcanic stones, which get their extreme durability from millions of years of hardening. They are available in a variety of surface textures and sizes to choose from. The best part is our bluestone pavers in Melbourne can be customized to suit any size requirement.

Easy & Straightforward to Lay

Bluestone pavers are ideal for a myriad of applications, from small residential courtyards to large commercial landscapes and everything in between. Whatever your requirement may be, bluestone pavers can be the right fit at the right price.

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