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Granite & Bluestone Melbourne

Both granite and bluestone have been used extensively and continue to be used by many people out there because of their unique traits and characteristics. While granite has a resistance towards water pollution and can be carved, cut and shaped, bluestone happens to have a healthy mix of both rough and smooth elements that make it extremely appealing to a great many people out there. Both elements have their fair share of appeal amongst enough people out there with regard to the specific requirements and needs of each person.

At Aspire Paving & Tiling, we specialise in the provision of both granite and bluestone across the board since our team is extremely proficient with the installation of both. Since granite is used primarily in exterior projects, you could use it for tile floors as well as general paving. It most certainly has an element of versatility that is certainly hard to find in other such similar materials.

In the case of bluestone, it has an even bigger scope of versatility as they can be used in both residential and commercial building projects as well. Due to its overall beauty as well as hard-wearing qualities and durability, bluestone remains the ideal choice for many people out there.

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